The Executive Committee is responsible for the day to day management of the APM’s business. The Committee maintains accountability and provides an overview, determines the conditions of membership, arranges general meetings and study days and negotiates, on behalf of the APM, with outside bodies.

From left to right;
Dr Mike Stockton, Dr Andrew Davies, Dr Eleanor Grogan, Professor Rob George, Dr David Brooks

Committee Members

Office Bearers
Prof Rob George President
Dr Andrew Davies Vice-President
Dr Eleanor Grogan Honorary Secretary
Dr Mike Stockton Treasurer
Elected Members
Dr Paul Paes
Dr Aoife Gleeson
Dr Iain Lawrie
Dr Martine Meyer
Dr Dee Traue
Prof John Ellershaw
APM Committee Chairs
Dr Idris Baker Ethics Committee
Anna Street Juniors Committee
Dr Sarah Cox Professional Standards Committee
Dr Jason Boland Science Committee
Dr Helen Bonwick SSAS Committee (joint)
Dr Esraa Sulaivany SSAS Committee (joint)
Dr Amy Proffitt Trainees’ Committee
Dr Stephanie Gomm Workforce Committee
Coopted Members (ex-officio)
Prof Tony O’Brien Ireland Representative
Dr Neil Jackson Northern Ireland Representative
Dr Annabel Howell Scotland Representative
Dr Aoife Gleeson Wales Representative
Dr Wendy Makin RCP/APM Joint Specialty Committee Chair
Dr Alison Coackley Specialty Advisory Committee Chair (SAC)