Research and Ethics Committee ToR 2020

The APM Research and Ethics Committee is an advisory committee to the APM Board formed from the amalgamation, in 2019, of the previous Science and Ethics Committees. The Committee advises the Board and supports the work of the APM on / by:

  • the scientific basis of Palliative Medicine, including responding to consultations and commenting on scientific documents for which APM endorsement is being sought
  • developing a greater scientific profile for the specialty of Palliative Medicine
  • setting priorities to seek new evidence
  • aiding in the development of evidence based guidelines and protocols for Palliative Medicine interventions
  • helping foster, facilitate and coordinate development of an ethical research culture in Palliative Medicine and with other specialties
  • examines and discusses ethical issues relating to Palliative Medicine
  • liaises and acts as a resource on ethical issues to members and other medical ethics committees and bodies
  • participates from time to time in ethical debate or media or other presentations on behalf of the APM following discussion with the President or, in his/her absence, another member of the APM Board

Dr Rosie Bronnert

Committee Chair

Dr Guy Scofield

Elected member

Dr Matthew Dore

Elected member

Dr David Oxenham

Elected member

Dr Donna Wakefield

Elected member

Dr Katie Frew

Elected member

Dr Christopher Doyle

Elected member

Dr Rachel Davies

Trainee Representative

Alice Rogers

Junior Research Representative