The APM Trainees’ Committee is for specialty and specialist registrars and aims to represent, information-gather and aid networking. We have a recently formed Facebook group, where we hope to facilitate formal and informal networking and social events, as well as discussions about issues relevant to training, for example the SCE and eportfolio. Search for “APM Trainees” to join in.

The Trainees’ Committee coordinates activities and sends representation to meetings of the other APM Committees and the Specialty Advisory Committee. There are also representatives for each region, forming a clear structure for SpRs and StRs to get help or advice should they need it, as well as for the Trainees’ Committee to gather information about regional variations.

Email:- APM Trainees

Twitter:- @apm_trainees

Facebook:- ‘APM Trainees’

Trainee Committee Co-Chairs

Dr Erin Kadodwala

Dr Sarah Foot

Dr Erin Kadwoola and Dr Sarah Foot

Trainee Committee Chairs

Dr Heledd Lewis

Regional Representative Co-ordinator

Dr Anna Grundy

Clinical Quality Committee Representative

Dr Emma McDonald

Communications Officer

Dr Becky Ogundele

Education & Training Representative

Dr Emily Holdsworth

SAC England

Dr Jessica Gutjahr

SAC Northern Ireland & Wales

Dr Ruth Yates

SAC Scotland

Dr Isobel Morton

APMJ Liaison

Dr Rachel Davies

Research & Ethics Rep

Dr Rose O'Duffy

Curriculum Transition Rep