What’s new in e-ELCA?

What’s new in e-ELCA?

e-ELCA has been recommended as part of a blended learning approach by the ‘Training and Education in End of Life Care’ report, commissioned by HEE to review the efficacy of existing education and training resources on end of life care. Take a look at the new Making the most of e-ELCA guide. It is a simple and concise guide, designed to provide a brief overview of factors that can help organisations maximise the effectiveness and value of using e-ELCA.

Have you considered how you might use e-ELCA sessions in your teaching? Why not use the recently updated session Cultural and Spiritual Considerations in ACP as a way of getting a group to discuss really important concepts at the heart of advance care planning.

Communicating with Empathy is a six session course that has been developed by PallE8 to promote sensitive and effective communication in end of life care. It is available within the e-ELCA programme and is primarily aimed at non-registered care staff but is potentially suitable for newly qualified professionals and non-clinical staff who interact with patients and families at the end of life e.g. receptionists, ward clerks and volunteers. Multimedia content is integral to the e-learning with extensive video clips drawing on patient, carer and professional expertise as well as simulated scenarios with professional actors.

Christina Faull

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