Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee focuses on the professional standards of the APM membership. The Committee supports the membership with respect to the processes and standards of appraisal and revalidation, has oversight of the APM programme of benchmarking, audit and data gathering, monitors intelligence from organisations and systems collecting information about outcomes in palliative medicine, and supports the APM mentoring scheme.

Committee Members

Dr Sarah Cox Chair
Dr Margred Capel
Dr Vandana Vora
Dr Amy Proffitt
Dr Cate Seton-Jones RCP Revalidation Network Representative
Dr Beth Williams SSAS Representative
Dr Claire MacDermott Trainee Representative
Laura Norris Junior Representative

Signposting Guidelines




Review Date

Pain Neuropathic Pain 2016 2018
Sign Posting to Interventional Pain Management Guidelines 2017 2019
  Opioids in cancer pain 2017 2019
Breathlessness Breathlessness 2015 2017
Nausea and Vomiting NAUSEA AND VOMITING 2017 2019
Constipation Constipation 2016 2018
Anorexia / Cachexia Anorexia cachexia 2016 2018
Fatigue Fatigue 2017 2019
Terminal Agitation Terminal Agitation 2015 2017
Noisy Breathing Noisy Breathing 2015 2017
Mouth Care Mouth Care 2017 2019
Sweating Sweating 2015 2017
Depression Depression 2015 2017
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