The ‘Race’ Equity Committee (REC)


News: Race and Ethnicity Survey on the staff experiences of racial prejudice/discrimination in the workplace is now closed. Thank you to all who participated, we had 1433 responses and results are undergoing analysis. We will be presenting the findings at the Palliative Care Congress 2023, please do join us.


The REC was set up in 2020. The REC consists of 6 members. Currently the six members include five palliative medicine consultants and one trainee, supported by members of the APM board.


The APM REC is an advisory committee to the APM Board formed in 2020, in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and increasing exposure of health inequities made apparent through the COVID-19 pandemic. The Committee advises the Board and supports the work of the APM on / by:


  1. Raising the profile on the need for collaborative and proactive work on anti-racism in palliative medicine
  2. Supporting the APM to ensure true inclusivity for patients and staff of all ethnicities and racialised minorities
  3. Supporting development of safe spaces for staff of all ethnicities and racialised minorities working in palliative care to come to together
  4. Through ongoing work supporting development of racially and culturally safe environments for palliative care patients and staff


Current activities:

  1. Developed a survey exploring the experience of racism by palliative care staff nationally to be launched September 2022
  2. There are plans for further work following this. We hope to present the findings at next year’s APM and EAPC conferences.
  3. Setting up a national ECHO for ethnic minority staff working in palliative care (in any role) with the support of Hospice UK. Date of commencement yet to be confirmed

Dr Jamilla Hussain

Committee Chair

Dr Gurpreet Gupta

Deputy Chair

Dr Qamar Abbas

Committee Member

Dr Jasmine Lee

Committee Member

Dr Sarika Hanchanale

Committee Member

Dr Karon Ornadel

Committee Member