The Science Committee advises the Executive Committee of the APM on the scientific basis of palliative medicine, including responding to consultations and commenting on scientific documents for which APM endorsement is being sought. The Committee aims to develop a greater scientific profile for the specialty of palliative medicine, including setting priorities to seek new evidence, aiding in the development of evidence based guidelines and protocols for palliative medical interventions and helping to foster, facilitate and coordinate the development of an ethical research culture in palliative medicine and with other specialties.

Science Terms of Reference

Science Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Dr Katherine Webber

Science Committee Chair

Professor Paddy Stone

Elected member

Dr Elaine Boland

Elected member

Dr Jason Boland

Elected member

Dr Amara Nwosu

Elected member

Dr Helen McGee

Elected member

Dr Simon Etkind

Trainee Rep

Dr Frank Wang

Junior Rep
Science Committee Study Day