The Association for Palliative Medicine has been working hard behind the scenes and in the public eye in the media to represent you – the APM members.

Below is a snapshot of some of our responses so far in 2018.

Should you wish to contact the APM for any press related or legal issues, please contact Compleat Secretariat in the first instance.

Letter to the Times in response to the Gosport War Memorial scandal – Dr Andrew Davies 22nd June 2018

BBC Radio 4, ‘You and Yours’ by Dr Amy Proffitt (26th June 2018)

‘No need to hasten death’ – Letter in the BMJ by Dr Iain Lawrie (28th June 2018)

Syringe drivers – Quote in the Sunday Times by Professor Rob George (24 June 2018)

Syringe drivers – Television interview, Sky News by Dr Iain Lawrie (24 June 2018)

Syringe drivers – Radio interview, BBC Radio 2 (Jeremy Vine Show) by Dr Iain Lawrie (26 June 2018

Radio Five Live – Amy Proffitt

Radio Five Live – ‘Palliative care in relation to patient’ – Blog on terminal diagnosis

Assisted suicide – Radio interview, BBC Radio Five Live (Julian Childs show) – Dr Iain Lawrie 11 December 2017.

Assisted suicide – Protecting the vulnerable – Letter in the Times – Dr Iain Lawrie 15th January 2018

Assisted dying –  Letter in the Times – Dr Mark Taubert, Professor Scott Murray, Dr Idris Barker, Dr Iain Lawrie, Dr Aoife Gleeson, Dr Craig Gannon and Dr Victoria Wheatley 14th February 2018

Life or death – A doctor’s dilemma – Article in the Spectator by Dr Iain Lawrie – 15th February 2018

Effectiveness of pain relief at the end of life – Letter in the Times by Dr Iain Lawrie 11th June 2018

Assisted dying and the removal of hope – Letter in the Guardian by Dr Idris Barker and Dr Iain Lawrie 28th June 2018

Palliative care/NHS at 70 – Radio interview, BBC Radio Manchester (Chelsea Norris show) by Dr Iain Lawrie 05th July 2018

Response to court ruling on withdrawing life support – by Dr Iain Lawrie & Dr Amy Proffitt Times newspaper 01st August 2018