The APM Trainees’ Committee is for specialty and specialist registrars and aims to represent, information-gather and aid networking. We have a recently formed Facebook group, where we hope to facilitate formal and informal  networking and social events, as well as discussions about issues relevant to training, for example the SCE and eportfolio. Search for “APM Trainees” to join in.

The Trainees’ Committee coordinates activities and sends representation to meetings of the other APM Committees and the Specialty Advisory Committee. There are also representatives for each region, forming a clear structure for SpRs and StRs to get help or advice should they need it, as well as for the Trainees’ Committee to gather information about regional variations.

Committee Members

Dr Rebecca Lennon Chair
Dr Amy Ritchie Communications Coordinator
Dr Lucy Ison Regional Reps Coordinator
Dr Ros Marvin Website Officer
Dr Anthony Williams Ethics Representative
Vacant Junior Representative
Dr Claire MacDermott Professional Standards Representative
Dr Simon Etkind Science Representative
Dr Felicity Dewhurst Workforce Representative
Dr Vanessa Jackson BMA Junior Doctors Committee
Dr Anna Bradley SAC (England)
Dr Isobel Jackson SAC (Northern Ireland and Wales)
Dr Kirsty Lowe SAC (Scotland)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Palliative Medicine Speciality Trainees

This fantastic piece of work was complied by Dr Anna Sutherland and Dr Katrien Naessens, both trainees in Palliative Medicine. They surveyed the trainee cohort to gather hints and tips for other trainees on aspects of their training, such as courses, research, teaching, leadership and management, the SCE, PYA and consultant interview preparation. They have complied the results in this FAQ document, with the aim of sharing these experiences and signposting to resources for all, but especially those starting out in Palliative Medicine.

Resources for Trainees

Regional Representatives



Eastern Chloe Chin
KSS London Natalie Webber
Mersey Grace Ting
North West Helen Jones
Northern Felicity Dewhurst
Oxford Victoria Bradley
South West + Severn Peninsula Lally Cox
Trent Cat Vincent
Wessex Mark Banting
West Midlands Mike MacFarlane
West + East Yorkshire Rebecca Owen
South Yorkshire Hannah McLoughlin
Northern Ireland Rachel Campbell
Republic of Ireland Suzanne Ryan
Scotland Kirsty Lowe
Wales James Grose
Academic Rep Chloe Chin

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