APM Statement to Promote the Role of Senior Palliative Medics within the Palliative Care Multi-Professional Team

The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland (APM) have written a statement to confirm the indispensable role of senior medics in palliative medicine for all specialist palliative care teams, in hospitals, hospices and community settings. (Senior palliative medical personnel include Consultants, Specialty and Associate Specialists (SAS) and the new specialist grade specialty (SGS) doctors.) The Association recognises the current economic pressures that units are under and would like to offer this statement to the membership to be used to support negotiations relating to a safe staffing and business planning. Registrars in the last year of training and Speciality doctors close to obtaining their CESR would be wise to read and comprehend in detail the role they will hold as their career progresses.